Equinox Rock: Thanks to Cookies’ New Video, We Already Miss Summer

As of today, it’s officially autumn—and New York pop duo Cookies, an Interview favorite, has decided to taunt us (and exploit our weakness for cute animals on the Internet) with their new video for “Summer Jam.” The video, shot over a single weekend, features all of our favorite summer traditions: sunbathing in Sheep’s Meadow, bicycle rides, fun-fairs, fourth-of-July flags, garden parties with colorful lights. Oh, and watermelons. Who needs autumn apples when you can have juicy chunks of summer watermelon? Sigh.
Director Wyeth Hansen captures our end-of-summer bittersweetness perfectly. Cookie’s blissful lyrics–”you’re the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen;” aw, shucks!—are synced with scenes of nature: a chipmunk scampers, a seal turns its nose up, monkeys de-flea one another, and some poor cat is made to dance. You begin to feel like a five-year old at the petting zoo. Yes, llama sticking out your tongue, you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, may I feed you from my hand now?
But alas, the grainy quality of the Super 8 film reminds us that summer is now out of reach—but a balmy memory. Time for Christmas.