Bapari Will Give You the Aux Cord If You’re Not a DJ


Photo courtesy of Bapari.

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists from Izzy Spears, LaQuan Smith, and Naomi Sharon. This week’s guest is bicoastal club royalty Bapari, who just dropped their third EP, Oasis, in the fall. In six textured, electronic tracks, the DJ and producer transports you to an industrial dystopia, haunted by vocals from Lolahol and Kidä. For Interview, they crafted a playlist of their favorite tracks, from Aphex Twin to Flo Milli, and revealed their longtime dream of a Steve Jobs collab and the music they’d play for visiting aliens.


Where do you dance? A lot in my living room but favorite place might be in the car.

What song do you have on repeat? Kiss Facility’s Esoteric EP!

Where’s the afters? At mine sometimes cause there’s no place like home.

Wired or bluetooth headphones? Wired.

What’s your national anthem? Aphex Twin — “Albert Balsalm”

Who do you trust most with aux? Anyone that’s not a DJ.

Name your favorite artist no one knows about: I wouldn’t want to out them like that.

Go-to late night meal? Sleep or Taco Bell for sure.

What do you listen to while high? Hmmm.

New York or L.A.? Both and neither for different reasons. I’m from L.A. but now I live in New York so I have a love-hate relationship with each place. I think for now it’s giving joint custody of my heart.

Name a song that reminds you of your childhood: “Happy Birthday” definitely gives me flashbacks.

If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs – I have a lot of questions…

What song would you play for aliens if they came to earth? Probably Eartheater because I feel like that’d be their vibe.

What’s your DJing pet peeve? People asking me for the address for something after I send them the flyer with the address on it lol.

The set is over. How are you getting home? Ideally for free.