Casting Call: Exile on Main Street

Self imposed tax exile, excessive and uninterrupted drug use, leaching hangers-on, and several unstable lovers sounds more like a recipe for disaster than formula for one of the most revered rock albums in history. But seeing is believing, and a Virgin-produced feature film, based on David Greenfield’s literary account of the conception and creation of Stones’ album Exile on Main St, might just make us believers. The film adaptation of Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell will focus on the tensions between the sometimes adoring, but always dueling co-frontmen Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Exile on Main St was produced in Richards’ villa in the South of France, recorded entirely in a sweltering basement and a flurry of intravenous drug use and power battles between members. With both guitars and band members perpetually out of tune, the enduring success and critical acclaim of the 1972 record begs the perennial question of whether chaos and instability really does produce the most poignant art. 

With only a few documentaries chronicling the Stones’ triumphs and travails, we have an untainted and eager eye for casting choices. We’ve assembled a group of young British actors and requisite muses to portray the seminal rock group in some of their most glorious, and desperate moments.

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