Q & Andy: Crystal Moselle


The Wolfpack is one of the most stunning documentaries of the year. The directorial debut of Crystal Moselle, the film follows six brothers, raised in seclusion on the Lower East Side of New York New York, as they experience the greater world through film. It has been an instant hit, winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and turning its stars into celebrities (in June, for example, the Angulo brothers were photographed by Bruce Weber for American Vogue). Over the weekend, it was featured as a “Doc to Watch” at the Savannah Film Festival presented by SCAD.

We asked Moselle, whom we first spoke with last June, to answer a few of our founder’s favorite questions.

ANDY WARHOL: What did you eat for breakfast?


WARHOL: What was your first job?

MOSELLE: Driving an old lady around who ate 30 bananas every day. She smelled like potassium.

WARHOL: How were you discovered?

MOSELLE: I like to do the discovering. 

WARHOL: Who was the nicest person you worked for?

MOSELLE: Ben Pundole, hands down.  

WARHOL: What are you working on now?

MOSELLE: I’m writing, researching, and continuing a journey with a family.

WARHOL: Is there anything you regret not doing?

MOSELLE: I regret not being sure of myself.

WARHOL: What’s your favorite movie?

MOSELLE: Sexy Beast 

WARHOL: When do you get nervous?

MOSELLE: When people make me late.

WARHOL: What do you think about love?

MOSELLE: It’s the best part of life.

WARHOL: Do you dream?

MOSELLE: All the time.   

WARHOL: What are you reading?

MOSELLE: Murakami’s 1Q84. 

WARHOL: Do you feel frustrated with the way things are now between men and women?

MOSELLE: I’m aware of how things need to change… Not frustrated, just being proactive.  

WARHOL: What do you think about American kids?

MOSELLE: Attention span is lost in iPads and iPhones. Worries me. 

WARHOL: Do you get depressed if you don’t work?

MOSELLE: Yes, how did you know? 

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