Zegna is Worth Every Cent(ennial)

It’s no wonder the Zegna family has so much to celebrate. For its centennial, the house of Ermenegildo Zegna (now helmed by grandson Gildo) presented both its namesake label as well as the more youthful Z Zegna line to an audience of industry well-wishers. A collection that successfully targets every space in a man’s wardrobe hit the runway at La Triennale in Milan, which is also hosting a Zegna retrospective, “100 Years of Excellence.”

The ready-to-wear line introduced a variety of tailored jackets ranging from the neutral black and beige to the more experimental burnt orange and dusty blue, pairing both with loose linen trousers. Leather accessories were immediately covetable; jackets and oxford shoes had an artisan quality. 

Z Zegna followed with gauzy shirts and shorts, with shades of grey and white were the main focus. However, it was the deep red suits that were most attractive. As the Zegna family took their collective bow, the fashion house was far from looking its age.