Who’s That Guy: Jacob Morton


For Mikael Jansson’s “Salvatore Ferragamo, remixed” story in our November issue, Interview creative director Karl Templer needed fresh-faced youngsters with a grown-up feel. Rising star Jacob Morton (Major) fit the bill. Here the young model talks about high school, vacationing in Austin, and his affinity for spicy foods.

Age: 17

Where did you grow up? Friendswood, TX

Was it very fashionable? I’d say so. My high school was all about name-brand clothing, but I would just wear jeans, a v-neck, and a flannel or cardigan.

Did you grow up reading magazines? Growing up, I hated reading, so I really didn’t read much. I have always been more of a movie person.

Were you tall? Throughout school, I was one of the taller kids. It was always cool being taller than most of the other kids in my grade.

How were you discovered? I was always scouted by the Houston agencies but felt I had more of a “New York look,” so I had some pictures taken and sent them to a couple agencies. I got a few offers but really liked Major from the start.

What has been your dream campaign? Prada.

Whose runway have you always wanted to walk? Calvin Klein.

Whose look are you obsessed with right now? My own!

What is your favorite city? My favorite city for work is NYC, because the vibe is really cool and I love how fast-paced everything is. For vacation, my favorite place is Austin, Texas. We would go all the time during summer and hang out on the lake and wakeboard all day.

What is your favorite food? My new favorite food is buffalo-style calamari. It’s like hot wings and calamari combined. You can’t beat it.

Tell us about your first shoot? My first shoot was with Tye. The whole way there I was getting more and more anxious, but after we got started it was cool.  It was a great first experience.

How do you prepare to walk? When I’m preparing to walk I just run through it all in my head—make sure I know exactly what I have to do. The main thing running through my mind is to not mess up. But after I take the first step, the rest is a piece of cake.