Blogging Appointment

Throughout Fashion Week, Interview hosts guest blogs from some of our favorite designers. Tim Hamilton is today’s guest blogger. He’s debuting his women’s line in Paris, and in his frenzy of appointments (and blogging) he almost forgot his birthday.


I got back from Milan and Paris on Wednesday, as of course they have the fabric shows for Spring/Summer 2010 right before NY Fashion Week. Anyway, I arrived today with a cold. I did fittings all day yesterday and today, and there’s more tomorrow. Because of this cold I’m on Dayquil and tea but trying to keep spirits high as we’ll be working late every night. Tonight, I have a shoot with WWD menswear and then tomorrow, WWD women’s will take pictures of the new collection. I am so excited for the women’s collection, but I don’t really have enough time sit and think about it.

I can’t believe I am still missing 20% of my men’s samples just days before my show. No matter how far in advance I prepare, something like this always seems to happen. Despite that, we are dyeing, sewing, and primping like madmen in the office. In addition to the show tasks, we’re still trying to keep up with sales appointments. Factory and tailor are working all week and weekend for alterations from fittings. And the hair and make-up tests are on Friday.


I almost forgot…it’s my birthday on Friday, too.

Photo by Robert Wright. Tim’s presentation is Sunday afternoon. See more guest blogs.