Mugler Goes Gaga!

Ever since we learned several months ago that Nicola Formichetti—the man best known as Lady Gaga’s stylist, who boasts a resumé including jobs at Dazed, Vogue Hommes Japan, Uniqlo, Alexander McQueen, Prada, and a boatload of other notable fashion names—would be taking on the Creative Director position at Thierry Mugler, we’ve been breathless with anticipation, wondering what he would come up with. And now, the vaguest hint of an answer: Mugler’s team has released the first official image of its fall/winter 2011 men’s ready-to-wear collection [above], which will show in Paris on Wednesday.

The line is titled “Anatomy of Change,” and the first photo is eerie and rife with references: the angle, pose, and features of the model call to mind a Greek warrior, while the shiny gloves and leather jacket are unmistakably modern. And the spiky, futuristic helmet (is that a William Tell-style apple on top?)—well, that’s just Formichetti through and through.