The Celine Ava Triomphe Is Our New Fashion Month Bestie

Ava Triomph

Can a bag be a bestie? Is it possible to find a one-size-fits-all solution for fashion month? Below, our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli and market director Lucy Gaston gush over the new Ava Triomphe from Celine, a bitchy-chic shoulder bag that’s just the right size to fit your front row needs.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Le Ava. Who is she? She’s so cute.

LUCY GASTON: She’s that girl. This bag is the perfect size and she’s got a great little suede interior. 

SCARABELLI: The interior is nice and delicate on my aging hands. PSA: It’s really important to use hand cream with SPF. Anyway, this is a very good day-to-day handbag. She’s chic enough for a night out, but you can still fit a bunch of junk in there. 

GASTON: It feels very secure. The magnetic closure makes it easy to get in and out. You can grab a lip gloss while you’re dancing. 

SCARABELLI: Yeah. I’m really bad. I don’t zip up my bags ever. I like to leave it loose. Easy access. So this is good because it keeps your stuff somewhat secure. Also, if you’re wearing a fur or any coat with a wider sleeve you can extend the strap to fit over your shoulder. I’m a big fan of the monogram. That’s my number one pick.

GASTON: I think she’s giving the most. The black one is chic also. The Celine logo is popping off.

SCARABELLI: Ooh, yeah. This suede interior is really nice. Let me take a whiff of that. Oh, yes. Smells like—

GASTON: Fresh leather. 

SCARABELLI: [Laughs] Where would you wear her?

GASTON: I would bring her to work. I would bring her to lunch. I’d bring her on a date.

SCARABELLI: It’s a fashion month staple. If you’re going to Paris, you can just throw that black one in your carry on and go. She works with everything. You don’t need to pack another bag.

GASTON: Makeup can go in there. Chargers, phones—

SCARABELLI: And a notebook, if you’re going to be a real fashion editor.

GASTON: Absolutely.

SCARABELLI: I want to see Moleskins and Ava Triomphe bags in the front row this season. That’s on you, Lucy. Anything else you want to say about this bag?

GASTON: [Slides handbag onto her shoulder] She’s going where I’m going.