Club Eat Rocked the Afters At Celine Homme Winter 23

Celine Homme Winter 23

Last Friday, editors, models, and rock stars from across the globe packed into Le Palace, the iconic theater best known for its late-’70s transformation into the “Parisian Studio 54.” There, Hedi Slimane staged the Celine Homme Winter 23 runway show and after party, complete with tight leather pants, rhinestone encrusted biker jackets, and a performance by Pete Doherty’s The Libertines. Later that night, a crew of indie acts, including New York’s Club Eat, took over the basement venue for an afterparty that lasted well into the morning. The next day, we called up the duo behind the electro-inspired band to dish about the runway show and their wild 24 hours in Paris.




REN G: Bonjour!

SCARABELLI: So tell me, how does it feel to be international rock stars?

CHICKEN: Amazing.

REN G: Fab. Just fab.

SCARABELLI: What happened at the Celine Show? What did you wear? Start from the beginning.

REN G: We each had Hedi-approved Celine looks for the show. I wore a gold varsity jacket with a tube dress and cowboy boots. And what did you wear?

Celine Homme Winter 23

CHICKEN: I wore a Celine suit. 

SCARABELLI: Wait, Chicken in the skinny suit was so cute.

CHICKEN: I know. It was so nice. I don’t think I have anything in that silhouette.

SCARABELLI: Maybe it’s  your new look.

CHICKEN: I think it is. Hedi created my new look.

SCARABELLI: And also, that runway show was really about bringing back that silhouette. Like the skinny, skinny pant. 

Celine Homme Winter 23

REN G: Yeah. Everything was skinny and the coats were really big. It was really eighties. 

SCARABELLI: Also rock star shit. Speaking of, did either of you make out with Pete Doherty?

CHICKEN: No, but we hung out with his therapy dogs.

REN G: Yeah, we met him in passing, just said, “Hey.” But his dogs were so cute.

Celine Homme Winter 23

SCARABELLI: Did you see any other crushes in the front row?

REN G: Definitely no crushes, but we saw Lisa from BLACKPINK and she looked amazing.

SCARABELLI: Oh my god. Hot.

REN G: Yeah.

SCARABELLI: And you were with Yves Tumor?

REN G: Yeah, we were chilling after the show. From the show to the after party, we were at the venue, drinking and partying.

Celine Homme Winter 23

SCARABELLI: Sounds like a long night. Where was the show?

REN G: It was at Le Palace. The Palace? Yeah.


REN G: It was a vibe. It was like an old music venue. We played in the basement though.

Celine Homme Winter 23

SCARABELLI: Could you describe the collection in three words?

CHICKEN: Glam, severe…

REN G: Rock and roll.

SCARABELLI: Rock and roll. That’s three words. What happened at the after party? What were you guys giving?

REN G: Literally everything.

CHICKEN: We were there for quite some time, so a lot happened, but by the end of the night, everything was just down in the basement. The top floor closed and it was just super packed out downstairs. Some bands played, it was pretty crazy for a fashion party. It wasn’t like, stuck up.

Celine Homme Winter 23

SCARABELLI: It wasn’t like New York Fashion Week?

CHICKEN: No. Not at all.

REN G: Honestly, it kind of felt like an event that he threw for his models and for his artists, it was an experience just for everybody who saw the show. The Libertines did a full concert upstairs and then in the basement it was just switching between live acts and DJs all night. Dese [Escobar] was there as well. She played and it was super fab.

SCARABELLI: That sounds perfect. I can’t wait for Paris Fashion Week. Hopefully you’ll get to go back again.

REN G: Yeah. This was our first French fashion show. Hopefully there are many more.

Celine Homme Winter 23