The Boys of Throwing Fits Want You to Moisturize Your Dick

Throwing Fits

Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris of the podcast “Throwing Fits.”

Despite what you’ve heard, not all men suck. Case in point: James Harris and Lawrence Schlossman, hosts of the by-men-for-men podcast “Throwing Fits,” and the minds behind the Instagram account of the same name. In hyper-specific memes and hilarious interviews with it boys, rappers, fashion designers, and even our very own Mel Ottenberg, Harris and Lawrence decipher the zeitgeist and share provocative takes on fashion and pop culture. Yes, even straight dudes have a lot to say about Gwyneth Paltrow’s skiing trial and the ongoing saga of Scandoval. In this week’s installment of SEARCH HISTORY, we DM’d the boys of Throwing Fits to find out their most recent google searches, their favorite trends, and what they would do if they found themselves in possession of Jacob Elordi’s sweaty gym shorts.



JAMES HARRIS: 36/yes plz!/NYC.


INTERVIEW: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

HARRIS: I immediately pick up my phone and scroll mindlessly for about an hour, ignoring any and all wellness memes about how meditation is the best way to start your day.

SCHLOSSMAN: Open up 2 gifts…my eyes.

INTERVIEW: Fit check, please.

HARRIS: Bumming around the crib today, so it’s Anonymous Ism socks, Throwing Fits mesh shorts, Hanes boxers, CP Company white tee, and the Throwing Fits overshirt. I must be incontinent cuz I’m covered in my own shit.

SCHLOSSMAN: Since there’s no way for u to fact-check this I’m wearing a full tuxedo with tails because that’s just how much I respect Interview mag.

INTERVIEW: What were your last three Google searches?

THROWING FITS: How many people are in the Antwerp six, do podcasters have to pay taxes, and Rick Owens shirtless.

INTERVIEW: What’s your online stalking platform of choice?


INTERVIEW: Which Throwing Fits episode has received the most love? 

THROWING FITS: Mel Ottenberg, duh.

INTERVIEW: Which one got the most hate?

THROWING FITS: Weirdly, also Mel Ottenberg.

INTERVIEW: Describe the current state of the male zeitgeist with one of your memes.


INTERVIEW: Favorite fit from the Gwyneth’s trial? 

THROWING FITS: The one where she’s wearing the same Prada boots as the art hoe I had to Narcan last weekend.

INTERVIEW: Who has the best leaving the gym/off-duty fits: Shawn Mendes or Jacob Elordi?

THROWING FITS: Who fucking cares? I just wanna make some tea with their sweaty gym shorts.

INTERVIEW: Describe your private browsing persona in three words?

THROWING FITS: Price: Low → High.

INTERVIEW: When was the last time you threw a fit and what was it about?

THROWING FITS: When we both wore the same jawn to the function.

INTERVIEW: What’s a website everyone should know about? 

THROWING FITS: Patreon dot com slash throwingfits.

INTERVIEW: How many pants do you own?

THROWING FITS: The limit does not exist.

INTERVIEW: Hottest trend right now? And the trashiest?

THROWING FITS: Moisturizing your penis until it emits a dewy aura / Getting a fit off for pussy.

INTERVIEW: How many unread text messages do you have?

THROWING FITS: Inbox zero.

INTERVIEW: Read receipts on or off?

THROWING FITS: What are you, the CIA? OFF!

INTERVIEW: What’s your most incriminating accidental email/text?

THROWING FITS: Mixing up my tailor and dealer who are both in my phone as the needle emoji.

INTERVIEW: Choose one: money or clout.

THROWING FITS: Money can always buy clout

INTERVIEW: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Lala Kent, Arianna Maddix, Rachel formerly known as Raquel

THROWING FITS: Marry Ariana, kill Lala, kill Rachel twice.

INTERVIEW: Print or digital?

THROWING FITS: Wherever this shit ends up.

INTERVIEW: What’s your password?

THROWING FITS: T33nageD1rtbag42069.

Throwing Fits