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Sami Landri Gives Us a Virtual Tour of Floptropica

Sami Landry

Sami Landri’s pronouns? Qué/bec. Fran/çais. The Canadian drag queen describes her performance style as “a turnt up messy skinny white girl at the club who is FEELING the song.” But to her 435,000 Tiktok followers, she’s like the girl you meet in the club bathroom who offers fresh lip gloss and a few words of advice—mostly in French, of course, though her trolling needs no translation. “Life is like drag,” she says in one video. “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.” In another, she makes a case for why “squirrels are spies for the Communist government.” On Instagram, you can catch her giving away free vibrators and posing like the cyber-princess offspring of Pamela Anderson: big boobs, blonde wigs, and bikini tops. In this week’s Search History, we slid into Landry’s DM’s to talk Real Housewives, embarrassing texts, Facebook stalking, and all things Floptropica.—EMMA STOUT



SAMI LANDRI: 25/non conformist/Montréal.

RIBEIRO: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

LANDRI: Close my alarm clock, spend about 10 mins getting my brain waken up, get up, wash my face, and start the hustle 💪🏻

RIBEIRO: Period! What were your last three Google searches?

Sami Landry

LANDRI: Clearly I’m on RHOC season 10 🌞

RIBEIRO: Wait, LOL at “Tina drug.” Do you have a favorite housewife? From any of the franchises?

LANDRI: Skskksks I was debating with someone and we weren’t sure if it’s meth or crack. 🙃 Yess of course! Luann takes the cake 🎀 French Canadian icon ⭐️

RIBEIRO; Oh wow. I didn’t know Luann was French Canadian but period. Do you have a favorite meme format?

LANDRI: Yesss!! Her mom is full Franco and apparently from New Brunswick (my home province 💙). The more abstract or nonsensical a meme is, the more I chuckle. In my search history there’s “the real Kelsey” which is a hilarious meme format. It’s that meme from early 2010s of a girl sitting on a gorilla and pinching its nipple. Hold on

Sami Landry

RIBEIRO: Oh love. This one is a classic.

LANDRI: I randomly remembered it the other day and had to find it.

RIBEIRO: Kelsey acting normal…. THE REAL KELSEY.


RIBEIRO: Do you have a favorite celebrity fued/beef?

LANDRI: I never rlly cared much for celeb feuds. I think the only time I ever got invested was when Lil Kim was beefing hard with Nicki when she first started blowing up. Felt like my two moms were fighting 😪

RIBEIRO: Family fights 💔 Do you have a stalking platform of choice?

LANDRI: FB is always very telling. It’s usually the least curated feed from someone if that makes sense. And you can go waaaaaaaay back on someone 👀

RIBEIRO: Oh yeah – that’s where you get the real tea on someone. I’m happy I never scrubbed my Facebook because it’s kind of comforting to see my middle school posts like “third period sucked today. Gonna play games when I get home.” Are you into RPDR/any of the RuPaul franchises?

LANDRI: FOR REAL!! I unfortunately deleted my middle school one so I no longer have access to the Picnik edits. I remember there’s a pic of me with the lyrics of “I Gotta Feeling” from Black Eyed Peas lmao

RIBEIRO: Tonight’s gonna be a good night… yeah tonight’s gonna be a good night…

LANDRI: I haven’t seen a season of DR since the pandemic 💀 I’m not way out of the loop, like I see what’s going on thru social media. Oh, I did make a point to watch the all-winners season and it was FANTASTIC 🤌🏻

RIBEIRO: What does your TikTok FYP look like?

LANDRI: Chaotic. Floptropica has a chokehold on my FYP and I live. A lot of brainrot humor hihi. The last few days I’ve been diving in on like east asian cuisine stuff, a lot of Japanese tuna fish cutting demonstrations. 🐟

RIBEIRO: Wait, what is Floptropica? I’m out of the loop.

LANDRI: OMGGGGG idek where to begin. It’s this whole thing that has its own lore. Like you have Deborah who is President and Cupcakke is queen. Jiafei is like always popping in. Hold on I’ll send a reference.

RIBEIRO: Wowwwww.

LANDRI: Sorry if ur FYP gets deep into Floptropica after this 🤭🤭🤭

RIBEIRO: No it’s good. I want that, I’m here for it. Can you describe your most incriminating accidental email/text?

LANDRI: Still lowkey embarrassed about sending my search history with “tina drug” in it lol 💀 Other than that first thing that comes to mind is bestie and I were taking pics in a bathroom stall while I was taking a 💩. Instead of sending the pics to me she sent them to a random acquaintance colleague she worked on a project with one time years ago. He replied something like “cool haha”

RIBEIRO : Nooo omg we’ve all been there. If you could spend the day with one IG influencer, who would it be?

LANDRI: @baileyjmills99 !!! She is everything.

RIBEIRO: What’s the strangest DM you’ve received?

Sami Landry

LANDRI: My inbox is always full of random/creepy DMs.

RIBEIRO: Omg what does the message say in English?

LANDRI: She’s telling me her bf fainted when I was on stage at my last show.

RIBEIRO: Lolll period! What’s the vibe at your performances?

LANDRI: It’s high energy!! I don’t claim to be the best lipsyncer, but I know that I’m a good performer. Picture a turnt up messy skinny white girl at the club who is FEELING the song and that’s pretty much my performance style.

RIBEIRO: Read receipts: on or off?


RIBEIRO: What’s your password?

LANDRI: You’re so crazy 😜🐒