Tata Harper’s Green Ambition



Tata Harper Skincare is gaining quite the cult following. These days, it’s almost impossible to read about beauty without seeing of one of Harper’s 16 amazing products mentioned. With her eponymous line, Tata has merged quality skincare with the finest organic ingredients—this is anything but your average, mass-produced beauty line. In fact, Tata produces each product on her farm in Vermont and has a hand in every batch created. The result is seriously healthy skin. Plain and simple.

We had the opportunity to interview Tata and find out her personal philosophy, why “going green” is better for your skin, and the answer to the question that every Tata fan is dying to know: any new product launches?

SARAH HOWARD: How did you start your product line?

TATA HARPER: After deciding to create a 100% natural skincare line, I went to different cosmetic labs around the country and was disappointed that most of the labs started formulations from bases none of which were 100% natural or unique. So I decided to engage a large group of chemists with different expertise that would encompass the whole range of natural chemistry: botanists, homeopathic chemists, aromatherapists, herbalists, and green chemists. All of these chemists truly believed in the line and formed a great team. The process took about five years, to make the formulas from scratch and to include the latest science and natural technology from around the world.

HOWARD: Why did you choose natural/organic?

HARPER: I chose natural because I felt women deserved to have non-toxic products that really work, products that truly offer dramatic results. When I opened my beauty cabinets and saw what was supposed to be the “best of the best,” I realized that all these “natural” products were not only harmful to my body, but didn’t even deliver the things they promised. Generations of women, beginning with my own mother in Colombia, have been putting toxic chemicals into their bodies for far too long. It was time to stop the madness and get rid of the false claims from the beauty industry. I was not interested in using anyone else’s pre-made, cookie-cutter formulas that were filled with toxins. This seemed ridiculous. Why would you slap a label on something that was exactly like everything else out there? And why would you put something on your skin that over time will make you sick? I was compelled to rethink the whole system and find solutions.

HOWARD: Are you organic in other aspects of your life as well?

HARPER: Yes, our farm is 100% organic and we eat mostly organic/grass-fed foods from the farm. I only buy natural cleaning, beauty, and baby products. I avoid contact with synthetically derived ingredients as much as possible.

HOWARD: What are the advantages to using “green” products on your skin?

HARPER: “Green” products are better for your skin. If you buy products that include pure and clinical-quality natural ingredients, they provide the same level of results [as their high-tech, synthetically-derived substitutes] and you don’t need to think about your health in the long term.

HOWARD: You have so many celebrity fans; why do you think people are gravitating toward your line? What makes it different than the other natural and organic lines on the market?

HARPER: Because they love what the products do for their skin, their skin looks and feels great, plus they love using them every day. One of the unique aspects of our line is that all the products are results-oriented, always including the latest technology from around the world. Also, the fact that you can get those results from a product that is 100% natural.

HOWARD: What are the three products that every one should use to achieve healthy skin?

HARPER: The three key and simple elements to good skin are cleansing, hydrating, and reinforcing skin with vibrancy and strength. For this, I recommend using our Core Set, which includes our Regenerating Cleanser, Hydrating Floral Essence, and Rejuvenating Serum. You would use them in this exact order.

HOWARD: Any new products on the horizon?

HARPER: We are going to be launching 4 new products within the next several months, which we are very excited about!

HOWARD: If you had to pick one product that everyone needs to own from your line, what would it be?

HARPER: That’s easy… the Rejuvenating Serum. It also happens to be our most popular product. It’s amazing! It contains mainly active ingredients; actually, it contains a total of 29. It does everything that you need a skincare product to do. You can actually feel your skin firming when you apply it.