Nailing It Before Winter

CND Nails was responsible for styling hands of 21 New York Fashion Week shows. From Jason Wu to Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs to Carolina Herrera, CND was there to create the trends. I talked Roxanne Valinoti, nail specialist at CND, who gave me an update on spring fingers and toes, along with tips on what to do with your tips right now.

“Last season, nails were very heavy and military-inspired, sort of masculine in the shape and color. For spring, that lifts. It’s softer and more creamy with mismatching fingers and toes, like at Marc Jacobs. There color was on the toes, nails were matted out,” explains Valinoti.

As for shape, Valinoti says, “More almond shape nails come spring. Really feminine nail with the moon shape.” Benhaz Seraphor and Karen Walker both provided good examples of this look.

But what about right now? For fall, Valinoti says, texture is in. A matte top coat is a great way to play with this trend, and CND’s color Perfectly Bare is this season’s go-to. Says Valinoti: “It’s sort of like using concealer.” She added that, this year, we’ll be seeing shimmer over colors for shine and reflection. “Last year was very opaque, this year is reflective and shimmery.” (See: Carolina Herrera). Phillip Lim, on the other hand, used asphalt with a copper shimmer to create an effect Valinoti called “city grunge” (pictured above). Something else to expect as the skies start to darken.