My Rugby Sweater

I can be pretty hands off with my fashion. To my chagrin, some members of the Interview team have even described my style as “basic”—which to me reads as “mediocre”; or not inventive. I look over at members of the fashion department, wearing the newest Kris Van Assche parachute pants and cropped blazers, and I feel old and lazy in comparison. My blue, button-down shirt and jeans, and a haircut I’ve had since I was 9.

But it’s Fashion Week, a time to step out and celebrate the new me, and maybe give those ol’ New Balances a rest. And sent like an angel from heaven, Rugby comes out with a hands-on iPhone application that enables you to customize a (perfectly) basic sweater with anything you want, anywhere you want it. The on-screen function allows you to design your own Rugby shirt on your iPhone, which you can then order from the store, or simply share with fellow experimenters. User designs will also be featured on “interactive store windows” at select locations. Fantastic, only I don’t own an iPhone.


Seduced by the prospect of embellishments, I headed to the University Place Rugby shop, ready to take on some patches and other various appliqués. The choices were overwhelming. First I selected a Navy blue sweater as my canvas. Then I descended upon the subsequent functions—a pair of roses for the right bicep, and my last-name initial,”P” across the middle of my chest in candy-apple red, Old English lettering. The helpful man behind the counter suggested a variety of patches–flags, numbers, crests, and skulls, among my many options–but being “basic,” I stopped there. Within hours I had the completed sweater at my office. Looking at my creation, maybe they should have invited a more confident DIYer. Perhaps I just lack vision. 

But that’s the nice thing about customization—you don’t have to make my mistakes. With a stitch of luck, you’ll have a more adventurous, fashion department-worthy garment in no time.


Visit to to learn more.