Sleepwalking Through a Collaboration is a Good Thing


While many shoe designers have found innovative ways to cut off circulation below the ankles with sky-high heels, French shoe company Repetto has been fine tuning their production of perfect flats. Originally specializing in dance shoes, their ballet flats and tap shoes are made to not only trudge through city streets but plie in them as well. It’s no wonder that the sensible (at least in their personal wardrobe) sisters Rodarte have collaborated with them this season on a limited edition shoe collection. After taking cheesecloth to mini-dresses and knitting leggings to resemble spider webs, the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte took on the Repetto classics and shook them slightly off kilter. Marbled swirling leather calls to mind the knotted dresses from Rodarte’s latest collection inspired by sleepwalking. They also wouldn’t be out of step matched with the prints in Proenza Schouler’s Fall 2010 collection. Subliminal messages, indeed. Repetto and Rodarte give us shoes not only for day and night but whether you’re conscious or not.