Prom Dresses Go High Fashion


The trend in prom dresses this year is to show lots of skin, reports undisputed fashion authority The New York Post. Indeed, teenagers have a storied history of riling up their elders with provocative dressing, but we thought that the clothing was meant to come off after the prom. But we did some research into popular middle-market prom brands like La Femme and Panoply, and they can get wild while maintaining the covered-up ethic of conservative event stalwart Jessica McClintock. La Femme, in particular, demonstrates an enthusiasm for assymmetrical cuts, gold foil, and beading unseen since the Balmain show.

The lesson that even when fashion gets excited to a higher erotic state, it doesn’t have to be cheap. And while most seniors probably aren’t going to put their babysitting money toward a look from Spring 2010 (although it’s great to support the fashion industry, there are other priorities in the world and some money is better spent at Six Flags),  they can consider the styles for inspiration. Cut-outs are having a moment, which started last season at Preen and Altuzzara and this season migrated to Gucci, among others. Alexander Wang, meanwhile, did prom gear via Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. There was velvet, of course, which started at the cup of the brazziere and cascaded down to the wrist at bias cuts. And imagine being the girl who wears Rodarte to the prom (Tavi)… or the girl who tears up and chars her dress to make it look like it.