Very Maguire: Prada Keeps it Simple



Prada’s Fall/Winter 2011 ad campaign video was released today, and unlike the brand’s campaign for spring—which was shot by Steven Meisel and seemed to allude to a seductive Mad Men set—this incarnation drifts back in time with a classic understated nod to the ’50s era. Featuring the not-always-fashionable actor Tobey Maguire during his shoot for the collection with fashion photographer David Sims, the video and accompanying photo shoot rely heavily on natural lighting and seem to aim for a more simplistic look that the drama of the Fall 2010 campaign shied from.
In the minute-long clip, we catch glimpses of clothing and accessories from the season as David and the photo crew set up shots for the lookbook. There appears to be an updated version of Prada’s chunky creepers from last season, now in a sleeker, simpler—if not slightly more orthopedic—design. Suits are cut wider and paired with mock turtlenecks, argyle sweaters, and polo shirts with contrasting neutral collars. Sunglasses are smaller and frames are thinner. The styling of the shoot seems to complement Maguire’s often bookish, quiet persona and the move to make such a simple campaign—in an era that often lauds over the top and gaudy productions—was a risky but elegant undertaking that offers an alternative that is anything but boring.