Growing Up in the 90s: Dries Van Noten and Adam Kimmel



Dries Van Noten
Britain’s graphic mods and angry skins are light years away from the Internet age we occupy, but Dries Van Noten revisited them for his spring “From College to Rude Boy” collection. The result was a new, rougher edge for the cool Belgian. Showing, appropriately, in a vacant asphalt strip on the edge of the Seine in Paris’s industrial 13th arrondissement, Van Noten focused on Skins’ snow-bleached denim for jeans and sleeveless jean jackets. He mixed the cloudy blues with white shirts hand painted with Rorschach inkblots, and double-breasted suit jackets for a tense mix of business and boy power.

Adam Kimmel
L.A. gang style pimped Adam Kimmel’s ride for spring in a collection dedicated to Snoop Dogg, presented in a Marais courtyard complete with a customized and black Lincoln Continental. Kimmel raided Snoop’s closet for an 88 with stars football jersey, only instead of polyester, this one’s in pure, made-in-Italy cashmere. The mix of L.A. gang classics like chino wide shorts and matching work shirts, bandanas, satin bomber jackets and loud cotton plaid short sleeves was mixed  with  gangsta tailoring: black pinstripes, blue iridescent suit combos, black and blue tailoring ensembles and that bad, bad must have–black and white wing tips.