Most Wanted: YSL Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Preceding the cat eyeliner trend of the ’60s: cat-eye glasses. Somewhere in between Victoria Beckham ’00s bug-eyes and hipster Wayfarers, what most draws us to this sunglass style is the balance of class and sass. It doesn’t hurt that cat-eyes were Marilyn Monroe’s frame of choice, but we’d like to think it goes a little beyond Monroe—they’re what we imagine Rosalind Russell, Myrna Loy, and Claudette Colbert would have worn if His Girl Friday, The Thin Man, and It Happened One Night were filmed in 1956 rather than the ’30s and ’40s. Our pick is the above YSL pair with double-wing detail and a thin, metal frame. Priced at $325 and available at Solstice Sunglass boutiques.

This item was selected by Interview fashion assistant Stephanie Strauss.