Most Wanted: Gucci Dionysus Bag

Directly referencing the Greek god of excess in both name and form, Gucci presents its latest bag design: The Dionysus. The suede-lined shoulder bag features a double tiger-head closure, a reference to the ancient myth in which Dionysus transforms himself into the animal to carry a nymph across what is now known as the Tigris River. In the above style, black suede peeks through the closure and composes an exposed pocket on the reverse side. Other variations of the bag feature vibrant purple, electric blue, or emerald green python in place of the black. In addition to Gucci’s signature GG Supreme monogram (perhaps the bag’s most distinctive feature), three others include detailed embroidery: a snake, bee, and two flowers on one, a large wasp on another, and a simple floral design on the third. The version above is priced at $2,250 and available at

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