More Than a Woman


Since she began at the house of Céline, Phoebe Philo has consistently redefined and reshaped the feminine wardrobe in all its grace and strength, retooling everyday necessities into the most covetable fashion for women the world over. The Spring ’16 collection brought back that instinctual design in full force and, yet again, merged fantasy with reality.

“Phoebe has inspired me to see that being well-dressed doesn’t have to be precious or fragile. Fashion should be able to live in the world while we get our hands dirty being daughters, sisters, partners, and mothers.” —Brie Larson

“The Céline woman is strong, intelligent, and discerning—a woman who dresses for herself and no one else.”—Kate Young

“Phoebe’s designs consist of originality and whimsy-two things that can often add up to ‘kooky’ but through her genius become elegance and sophistication. A Céline woman is the intelligent one in the back of the room with the easiest manner and the driest wit . . . or at least that’s the version of myself I aspire to be when wearing Céline.”—Rebecca Hall

“There is no other brand that makes me feel as confident as I do when I’m wearing Céline. it can be the most simple, nondescript item, but knowing I am wearing Céline is enough to give me that feeling of empowerment. I think the Céline woman dresses for herself. It feels strong and cool and feminist, and aside from the fact that the design and cut and fabrics are flawless, there is something unique and untouchable about the brand and that is really Phoebe’s genius.”—Sienna Miller