Missoni’s Language of Love

For Missoni’s Spring 2016 campaign, the Italian house commissioned British photographer Harley Weir to create video trilogy. “Each film explores, for lack of a better description, the ‘un-wordable,’ the many ways of trying to describe those intangible emotions that words never seem to full express or explain,” says Missoni Creative Director Angela Missoni. “The film’ characters are lost in translation.”

In the third film, which we are pleased to premiere below, Danish and Nigerian models Freja Beha Erichsen and Victor Ndigwe finish each others sentences in dubbed-over Italian. “We see the language of a woman, perhaps in love, showcased across the three films,” explains Missoni. “In the first film, flirtation is stalled. We hear the interrupted beginnings of speech, but words are disturbed or suspended. Playful, yet confused, body language prevails as the main means of communication,” she continues. “The second chapter of is made up of words and sentences, seemingly arbitrary, almost poetic, creating a strange banter between the pair.”

By their third attempt, however, Freja and Victor have discovered their groove and are able to communicate. “They seem to have finally found their secret language,” Missoni adds.