When in Milan: Step in Line



Christopher Bailey is going to turn me into an aviator’s wife! Burberry’s Fall 2010 collection for Burberry is making me think I need to marry up so I might be able to afford all the shearlings coats (basically, the entire collection) he showed this past weekend in Milan. For starts, there was the short shearling bomber with a dramatic exposed shearling stand collar that cocoons your face. George Craig, the Burberry campaign poster boy and front man for the band One Night Only, was already wearing my style last night when we met for drinks, and it took all my restraint to not rip it off his back. Rumble in the Hotel Principe’s jungle aside, the collection was steeped in the house’s military history and tradition, and by placing the focus on the outerwear, Bailey showed one of the best in Milan. Attention: Shop!

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