Mel and Dara Walk Us Through Emporio Armani’s Disco-Themed Trunk Show

emporio armani

All Clothing & Accessories by Emporio Armani. Photos by Logan Jackson.

To kick off fashion month, Interview and Emporio Armani hosted an Italian disco-themed trunk show at Emporio’s sparkly new Soho location—which opened last month—emceed by our very own editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg and fashion director Dara, with disco tunes courtesy of DJ Dese Escobar. If you missed out, here’s a recap of the sixteen unique FW23 looks that stomped down the retail runway.



emporio armani

DARA: This is the quintessential Armani girl.

MEL OTTENBERG: She’s very Emporio Armani summer, 93 degree weather. Flats.

DARA: She’s on the coast of Italy.

OTTENBERG: Or on the streets of Soho. She’s also available for purchase. Wow, she’s really cute, what’s her name?

DARA: Amandine. 



emporio armani

OTTENBERG: And this is her boyfriend, right?

DARA: Yeah. Painter, artist, super creative. Look at those paint stains. Chic.

OTTENBERG: The paint stains, totally. 

DARA: And those cool clogs, look at those clogs. 

OTTENBERG: It’s a great sweater. It’s very Armani. 

DARA: It’s actually a women’s sweater. 

OTTENBERG: It’s for everybody! 



emporio armani

DARA: We’ve got Martin in olive green. Kind of a modern man, a modern Soho guy.

OTTENBERG: You look great, Martin. He’s really doing it this time, much more than the rehearsal. 

DARA: Work. Work, Martin.

OTTENBERG: Martin’s going for a monochrome thing. I like that, that’s very Armani.



emporio armani

DARA: She’s chic too, right?

OTTENBERG: Yeah, I really like her. I think I’ve worked with her before. And I think her suit is great.

DARA: Wearing the Emporio Armani x Interview T-shirt.

OTTENBERG: Oh, love it. You should keep that. Is it for sale? No. I’ve never seen it before.

DARA: I don’t know. But I love the shoe.

OTTENBERG: I love the shoe. 



emporio armani

OTTENBERG: And I love this guy, what’s his name?

DARA: Luke in the full business suit. Real elegant. 

OTTENBERG: Very back to school. Very Fall/Winter, power suit.

DARA: Little sequin in the shoulder. It’s a little sparkle. He’s not all work. He’s also play. 



emporio armani

DARA: Our glamorous madame, so chic in that turquoise lining.

OTTENBERG: Fashion icon Amy Fine Collins. Yes, yes, yes!

DARA: Couture, glamour. 

OTTENBERG: Modeling for her life. Hi, Amy. So wait, what is this look? What is she giving?

DARA: It’s something that I would wear, right?

OTTENBERG: I’m buying it for you tonight.

DARA: Okay, fab. Thanks dad.



DARA: They’re giving sailor. Armani beret. Oh, this is part of their sustainability collection.

OTTENBERG: We love sustainability. We love this guy, what’s his name again?

DARA: Sergio.

OTTENBERG: Sergio, you look great. I love his… his hat too, it’s great. [Laughs]

DARA: Yeah, take in all that beauty.

OTTENBERG: Take it in, take it in.



emporio armani

DARA: Take in this beauty. 

OTTENBERG: Oh yeah, it’s great. She’s giving a no-nonsense evening, she is the hostess. 

DARA: The evening gown with a watch, she’s effortless. She knows what time it is. She has other places to be. 



OTTENBERG: Now we’re going out. We’re taking an Uber out of this area. Where are we going?

DARA: Maybe in the middle of Brooklyn—Bushwick. It’s a Friday. 

OTTENBERG: Let’s go to Basement and let’s wear this outfit. Also, the nip slip happens and it’s fine, we don’t care. It’s just perfect and we love it.



OTTENBERG: This guy is my favorite. 

DARA:  It’s an all leather look.

OTTENBERG: Very Jonah [Rollins]. 

DARA: Aviator hat. The aviator was a big Armani moment.

OTTENBERG: Amelia Earhart could never.

DARA: Amelia Earhart would abort.



OTTENBERG: Oh, it’s Edie. Edie’s back from the dead, she’s giving it to us with the sensible grey kitten heel. Are these also clear sequins?

DARA: These are black sequins.

OTTENBERG: Oh, they’re hot.

DARA: Factory girl, a Warhol superstar. Oh, yeah. Work.

OTTENBERG: Yes, Edie. Thank you, Edie.

DARA: Play it, Antonia. Antonia’s giving us Edie Sedgwick tonight.



OTTENBERG: Oh, this guy is dressed like me. 

DARA: Yeah. I was inspired. What can I say?

OTTENBERG: Thank you so much. But like you said, they’re great jeans, it’s a great leather jacket.

DARA: I think you need this jacket.

OTTENBERG: Yeah. I don’t know if anyone gets this, but it’s very… you’re on vacation and you go shopping in Rome. Perfect look for a fall day.

DARA: It’s chic. I think you need the jacket. You need to buy that.

OTTENBERG: Yeah. I’m going to buy it for myself today.



OTTENBERG: Who’s he? He looks great too.

DARA: That’s your DJ. That’s your skater. I don’t know. It’s this really hot purple peacoat. It’s really good. With a nylon shirt and a hoodie, it’s super casual.

OTTENBERG: Keep it casual. It’s really… it’s fab. I really think Perris should get this tonight. I think it’s for you.



OTTENBERG: And he’s the finale. He looks super great.

DARA: Oh my god.

OTTENBERG: His coat!

DARA: It’s the disco. Dez is at the disco. This is our full Mick Jagger Studio 54 moment. Bedazzled black suit.

OTTENBERG: So Emporio Armani.

DARA: It’s the future. We started in the past and we’re going—

OTTENBERG: Let’s get shopping!


All party photos by Quentin Belt.


emporio armani

emporio armani

emporio armani