Just One Eye Brings Armani to Its Art-Deco Dreamland


Dominique Fishback

Los Angeles boutique Just One Eye welcomed visitors earlier this month to their first ever “pop-in” show, an elegant collaboration with Giorgio Armani. Located in the Sycamore District, the store reflects the versatile sensibilities of its co-founder Paola Russo, showcasing her unending appetite for truly good art–whether it’s threads from Armani or Arc’teryx, 1960s side chairs, or an Andy Warhol original. “We are a multi-brand store. For us, it’s a whole story,” Russo says of the designers she chooses to feature at Just One Eye, which opened in 2012 in the art-deco inspired building Howard Hughes once called his headquarters. “Giorgio Armani fits in because, obviously, it’s an established house, it has a history to it. We have low and high in the store, and it adds a little bit of value and power.”

At the launch of Giorgio Armani for Just One Eye, partygoers entered the signature space to view a selection of pieces from the Armani Spring/Summer 2023 collection, displayed on cobalt blue racks that matched the large Damien Hirst painting hanging regally on the sales floor. Guests like Mason Gooding, Dominique Fishback, and André 3000 filtered in and out and Russo herself donned an Armani jacket from the latest collection. Remaining true to her Italian roots, she effortlessly paired the piece with cuffed jeans and a messy ponytail. That sense of versatility is what Russo loves about the Armani. “It’s very fluid,” she told us. “You can wear it as chic as you want, as dressy as you want, but it can be very comfortable too.”

Inanna Sarkin and Mason Gooding

Mamie Gummer