Mel and Dara Have Their Heads in the Stars at Emporio Armani FW24

Emporio Armani

Photos courtesy of Dara Allen.

THURSDAY FEB. 22, 2024 4:06 PM MILAN.


MEL OTTENBERG: What do we have to say about the Emporio Armani show? The Armani feeling is a thing right now.

DARA: Let’s scroll back.

OTTENBERG: I think you would look great in the finale look, Dara.

DARA: Oh, yeah. I liked that. Oh, Mr. Armani came out. See that, I love to see the people out.

OTTENBERG: He’s 89. Kinda hot. Okay, people in the snow.

DARA: Snow is trending because I saw another show with snow and umbrellas today. Isn’t that crazy? I did love the finale of the snow with the umbrellas with the evening gowns. That was very sweet and fun.

OTTENBERG: Oh, look at her. That’s a perfect evening gown. But wait, hold on.

DARA: The big one’s good.

Emporio Armani

OTTENBERG: Here it is, the stars and the moon.

DARA: I would do the stars and the moon.

Emporio Armani

OTTENBERG: What would you wear her with? Black tights?

DARA: Yeah, just tights, some panties, and a heel. A pump.

OTTENBERG: I think that that top is really good too.

DARA: Or jeans. Jeans and like, a hot shoe. Okay, now this look. Where’s she going?

DARA: Where is she going? Where is she fucking going? It was very cosmic, very mystic. There was a moon motif, stars.

OTTENBERG: Cosmic-mystic.

DARA: Kind of astrological glam. I saw you filming the fuck out of it.

OTTENBERG: Moving on, I liked the Matrix Diva.

DARA: That one I loved, actually.

OTTENBERG: Okay, this one, It’s a grayish khaki with a top. A very Armani top.

DARA: Baggy with the big cuffs and the collar.

Emporio Armani

OTTENBERG: It’s just giving Armani. It’s giving me 1981. We are in the street, shooting with Arthur Elgort. That’s what’s it’s giving me. I wouldn’t even mind a shoulder pad, to be honest. I’m into a shoulder pad.

DARA: I never say no to a shoulder pad.

OTTENBERG: that’s a really nice jacket, that double-breasted blazer.

DARA: What do you think about a girl who’s wearing a beret? Do you like a girl who wears a beret?

OTTENBERG: I liked the proportion of these berets, because it’s strong. But Emily fucked me on the beret.

Emporio Armani

DARA: Emily in Paris.

OTTENBERG: And good for her, because you know what? No one was wearing berets in Paris ever before Emily.

DARA: She’s a style trendsetter.

OTTENBERG: A style trendsetter, just like you said. And now you go to Paris and you see girls dressing like Emily and wearing berets.