Marc by Marc Jacobs Turns 10


Published February 10, 2011

Perhaps a decade is too soon to call something classic, but for firmly entrenched brands with birthdays this year, 10 years has been long enough to make an indelible mark. Joining Y-3 in celebrating its tenth birthday, Marc by Marc Jacobs is an official fashion mainstay, as influential (and wearable) as its parent. The line, which launched in 2001 with the unforgettably cheeky, youthful version of Mr. Jacobs’ namesake, stole the spotlight with its energetic prints and that now-iconic, bright-red apple belt. Now, 10 years later, Marc Jacobs’ younger line is entering into its double digits.

To celebrate, Little Marc Jacobs in Chelsea is being converted into a MxMJ pop-up store for the next two weeks. For the temporary store, the line presents a sort of retrospective—a capsule collection made out of the most popular and best-selling looks from Marc by Marc’s past. The Aztec-inspired prints from Spring 2005 or the striped Americana of Resort 2010 all come back again, alongside specially made shirts and scarves, all exclusively appearing at the pop-up for the collection’s tenth birthday. While Marc Jacobs’ raucous, of-the-moment younger line isn’t quite old enough to drive, here’s hoping the next ten are as memorable as the first.