Maison Maiyet

“Maiyet is pioneering a new luxury by celebrating the next generation of global artisans.  Paris is the birthplace of luxury, so felt like a natural home for our shows… the expectations are incredibly high,” says creative director Kristy Caylor of the multinational label’s decision to show in Paris. “We work right up until the collection is on the rack for the girls to put on… There is nothing like the moment when the first girl walks onto the runway.”

For a label that is only three years old—and one helmed by a new designer on her third collection—Maiyet is off to an impeccable start. Caylor’s Fall/Winter collection, which debuted over the weekend, included numerous covetable stand-alone pieces: a fitted, long-sleeved dress with burgundy velvet panels brought Rick Palmer into the contemporary; a floor-length, plunging, sequin-embroidered, v-neck dress mixed insouciant flapper with seductive sorceress; a Kadinsky-patterned grey onesie was playful without being childish; and a triangular, quilted vest, slit up the back, added gumption to a geometric shirtdress. “The theme this season is ‘look inside,'” Caylor explains.  “Frida Khalo was an icon for both the Pre-fall and Fall collections. On the exterior Frida is very strong and yet, when you look inside, she has a sensitive soul.  The collections explores that combination of that strength and vulnerability.”

Although, as Caylor tells us, “the inspirational themes change,” Maiyet’s emphasis on ethical construction maintains a coherent identity throughout collections. “I like to build from season to season on silhouette and artisanal development,” says Caylor. “We partner with the same artisans groups seasonally with the aim to sustainably grow their businesses while improving their skills,” she continues. “We incorporate similar techniques from season to season such as hand-woven silk from Varanasi, hand knit sweaters from Peru, and hand batik from Indonesia, but we reinterpret these techniques through the seasonal theme, thus innovating over time.”

Like most designers, Caylor is reluctant to pick a favorite piece from her Fall/Winter offering, but will admit that “our coats and jackets this season are incredible. “