Michelle Peck Gives Madonna Good Face


The work of facialist Michelle Peck takes my breath away, so it’s a good thing she has plenty of oxygen on hand. Michelle’s signature Intraceutical Infusion, “a combination of hyperbaric pressurized oxygen, which delivers an incredible serum rich in hylarunic acid, antioxidants and vitamins to the deeper layers of the skin,” is the stuff of legend, and is probably what St. Augustine was looking for all along. Peck doesn’t keep the secret to herself; she’s shared it with Jennifer Lopez and Molly Sims. And Madonna is such a fan of Peck’s treatments that she recruited her to accompany her on her current tour. According to Peck, Madge’s skin is “luminous, and absolutely flawless,” and she receives a daily pre-performance oxygen treatment to battle the effects of constant travel and work. The results speak for themselves: didn’t Madonna look amazing on Letterman?

Michelle herself has impeccable skin (would you want a facialist who didn’t?), a trait she has passed on to her 22-year-old daughter, Tarin Graham, who recently started working alongside her. Junior–whose high school skin-related traumas were limited, to say the least–”Has always expressed a desire to work with me in the healing arts and skin care, so watching her motivation to make that dream become a reality has been a beautiful and inspiring process.” And Tarin isn’t the only child Michelle has affected: for the past four years, she has also been deeply involved with Madonna’s Raising Malawi Foundation, which provides critical support to that country’s two million orphans. Recently, she traveled to Malawi to conduct a volunteer, two and a half month research project for the benefit of Madonna’s soon-to-be-opened academy for girls there. “[The trip] changed me as a woman and, as I transform, it naturally is reflected in my practice and energy,” she says.  “As a result, my clients become a part of that change.”


Michelle’s technique is based on technology and common sense. Having worked as a natural healer, she believes that, “The internal aspects of the body reflect externally… The body, mind and spirit are intricately woven together and connected.” So, how does one acheive Madonna’s brand of external harmony? Of course, Michelle says, avoiding the sun is essential to good skin. So is “internal and external hydration,” which is to say, water, and products like her Intraceutical Hydration Gel, Atoxlene Line Wand, and Clarity Pen, Dr. Brandt’s R3P eye cream, and Shinso Facial mist.

Sarah Howard is the editor of Beauty Banter.