MAC Masquerades

Interview‘s own Fabiola Beracasa hosted a disguise party last night, and MAC was on hand to her guests play their parts. Makeup artist Sir John explained, “The aesthetic I am going for tonight is a saturated lid with a strong, defined brow. It’s an Eastern European influence–minimal lip, strong contour in the cheekbone. MAC is a good fit because it gives you everything to embrace. All sexes, all ages, all races.” He added: “Everyone wants some sort of ornate design to push the envelope and do something more creative.” For those playing at home, he suggested doing things like “Taking the smokey eye out of context.” (PHOTO: SARAH HOWARD)

Regan Rabanal, another MAC artist, told me her inspiration for the evening was “A Russian masquarade theme–a glamorous old world look. We’re recreacting masks with MAC Pro products like pigments and airbrush and recreating lace texture with brushes and freehand.”

I opted for a heart drawn from a pen of Ultimate Liquid liner–that’s about as masquerade as I get.

Sarah Howard is the editor of Beauty Banter.