Lucas Jagger Is Still Thinking About Marcelo Burlon

Designer Marcelo Burlon with Lucas Jagger. Photos by Samir Novotny.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his eponymous brand, party animal-turned-streetwear sensation Marcelo Burlon brought together the brightest stars in sports and fashion for a Spring/Summer 23 Menswear presentation that married the rich textiles of his Patagonian roots with the bright colors and flowing silhouettes of the coastal European club scene that he grew up in. After the show, which took place in Milan’s Velodromo Vigorelli, we caught up with Lucas Jagger, a longtime fan of the brand who called us from the streets of Paris for a chat about weird dreams, piano recitals, and his favorite looks from the new collection.


INTERVIEW: Where are you now?

LUCAS JAGGER: I’m in Paris.

INTERVIEW: Where do you want to be?

JAGGER: Kind of a wholesome answer, but my little brother is doing his piano recital today. And I kind of wish I was there.

The Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan’s world-famous cycling track.

INTERVIEW: What’s in your system?

JAGGER: I guess caffeine. I don’t drink alcohol. I’m eating sushi right now, which is kind of a basic thing to say.

INTERVIEW: What’s in your pockets?

JAGGER: I have my wallet, which is like, a stupid card holder. It’s so convenient, but it looks horrendous. And a hotel room key from the hotel I was staying at yesterday in Milan. In my back pocket, I have my Rolling Stones access passes. There’s a show on Saturday, so I keep those tied to my fucking belt so I don’t lose them. Usually, they have to print a new one for me every time, because I inevitably lose track of them. I also have the keys to my apartment here in Paris.

INTERVIEW: What keeps you awake?

JAGGER: During the day, I put off all the shit I have to do. Then at night, it all hits. So I really need my phone at night. I’ll get back to people really late. I’ll text you back at like three in the morning when I’m in bed.

INTERVIEW: What puts you to sleep?

JAGGER: I watch videos on YouTube on some niche topic. I’ve been into this channel called Wendover Productions. They have videos on subjects like, “Why do airlines overbook?” I used to be very into cooking videos before bed, Gordon Ramsey-type shit.

Lucas Jagger and Julia Kley.

INTERVIEW: Are you a sinner or a saint?

JAGGER: Saint. Bro, I’m such a goody two shoes.

INTERVIEW: Can you always get what you want?

JAGGER: Fuck no. But sometimes I might get what I need.

Backstage at the 10 Years of County of Milan show.

INTERVIEW: You were just at Marcelo Burlon SS23 in Milan. What was the vibe of the show?

JAGGER: It was really cool. It was outside, at a velodrome. There was the big Marcelo Burlon logo in the middle, and the casting was amazing. They had the guy that won the Olympic gold medal. And like the fastest guy in the world, the sprinting champion, and his daughter.

INTERVIEW: What was your favorite look off the runway?

JAGGER: The pink denim suit. And the cropped hoodies as well, which I’m a big supporter of.

INTERVIEW: Where would you wear them?

JAGGER: Everywhere. On my Paris walks.

Backstage at the 10 Years of County of Milan show.

INTERVIEW: Solid or patchwork?

JAGGER: Solid.

INTERVIEW: Fútbol or football?

JAGGER: I grew up in Brazil, but me and my dad watch the NFL a lot. Both, I guess.

INTERVIEW: What’s your guilty pleasure?

JAGGER: I don’t really feel guilty. I’m not at that point in my life yet.

INTERVIEW: What do you dream of?

JAGGER: The most random shit. In my dreams, a lot of people gather in one place. Like, all my friends from high school, a few people I met randomly somewhere, plus, like, a distant family member. All in one room.

INTERVIEW: What is your morning routine?

JAGGER: I wake up—later than I would like. Every fucking night I go to bed thinking, “I’m going to wake up a little earlier tomorrow,” but it never happens. Then I force myself to eat something.

INTERVIEW: America or Europe?

JAGGER: New York.