Photographer Spyros Rennt Never Leaves The Party Early

Spyros Rennt

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“The book is an exploration of desire, and desire centers around the body,” says the Berlin-based photographer Spyros Rennt of his new photo book Corporeal, his third self-published book. Made in collaboration with Marwan Kaabour, Corporeal, as its title suggests, includes over 150 photographs, selected from an archive of nearly 500, and serves as both a diary of and a love letter to the human bodies Rennt has encountered over his career and life, capturing intimate moments, raucous nights, and the queer community across New York, Greece, Paris, and Milan. “Queerness is very much about how we present our bodies,” he adds. “How visible and different our bodies are when we go out on the streets.” “Corporealalso happens to be the name of a song by the photographer’s favorite group Broadcast. After introducing the book at Paris Ass, a queer book fair, Rennt celebrated with two “cozy” launch parties where friends, family, and lovers congregated to drink, smoke, and pose lovingly for his camera. After his Milan launch party at Libreria Antigone, Rennt stepped outside for a smoke break, where we discussed summer smells, outdoor sex, and his favorite body part.



MACIAS: You said this book is personal project. What’s the craziest place you took a photograph?

RENNT: There’s a photo that I’m really fond of that was taken at a rave in an abandoned villa in Greece. It was a proper old villa, just abandoned for decades. It was an illegal rave during the pandemic. I’m on this rooftop, which has grass on it because it’s just this abandoned space. It’s just quite dreamy.

MACIAS: What do you smell like right now?

RENNT: I just came back from the gym. I showered, but also I’m not wearing deodorant, now or ever. People appreciate it. That’s all I’m going to say.

MACIAS: I love that. Are you wearing underwear?

RENNT: I am, yes.

MACIAS: What’s the kinkiest club you’ve ever been to?

RENNT: Probably the Laboratory in Berlin, but I would also say Kit Kat Club in Berlin on certain nights. The thing is that even if it’s not a particularly kinky place, if I’m in a mood, things will happen. In Berlin, you really are going to find like-minded people. Also, this really cool bar/club where the basement is this big dark room. It’s 10 minutes from my place. It’s called Ficken Dreitausend, which basically translates to Fen 3000. And it’s a great way to fuck up my weekend, because you go on Friday night, stay until it closes, and then go to an after party.

Spyros Rennt


MACIAS: Who’s your favorite it-person right now?

RENNT: Off the top of my head, I’m going to say Hunter Schafer. I was at this festival in Greece and she was also there. She was just really gorgeous. Really, really cute. And very friendly.

MACIAS: What’s the best time to smoke a cigarette?

RENNT: I only smoke joints. I don’t smoke cigarettes. But usually around the evening because when I smoke I can’t get anything done.

MACIAS: What’s the worst time to smoke a joint?

RENNT: In the morning.

MACIAS: What’s your best pickup line?

RENNT: Oh god. It would really depend on the context. I can be very friendly and angelic. I start with “hey” and a smile.

MACIAS: That’s really sweet. What’s the first feature you notice on someone else?

RENNT: It depends on how much of the body I can see. The arms and the ass can be impressive if they’re good-looking, but then I’m also into eyebrows.

Spyros Rennt

MACIAS: What’s your favorite part of the body?

RENNT: The one part that changes size.

MACIAS: What’s the sexiest language?

RENNT: I’d say Portuguese.

MACIAS: What makes someone hot?

RENNT: I’m actually really into unassuming people. Also, I like friendliness and kindness. I find them sexy.

MACIAS: I like that. What’s the best hangover cure?

RENNT: Just drinking a lot of water. I try to drink a ton of water after a night of drinking. Also, sleeping and Xanax.

MACIAS: Is it ever okay to double-text someone?

RENNT: It depends on how much you’re into them, but I can be proud.

Spyros Rennt

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MACIAS: Who’s the hottest person you follow on social media?

RENNT: My friend Nicholas @herrenscheide.

MACIAS: Do you subscribe to any OnlyFans accounts?

RENNT: I subscribe to OnlyFans accounts out of curiosity, and then I make sure to unsubscribe as soon as I subscribe so that I don’t … you know? But there is one guy (Watashi) whose account I subscribed to for a while, and then I actually photographed him. He’s in my book.

MACIAS: Who’s blocked from your social media?

RENNT: Just the bots that tag me in Instagram stories. You know those bots? I block them immediately.

MACIAS: Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever hooked up?

RENNT: Abandoned monastery yards in Greece. I like outdoor sex in general. I don’t mind that.

MACIAS: What’s your go-to excuse for leaving a party early?

RENNT: I don’t leave a party early.

Spyros Rennt


MACIAS: What do you listen to when you’re getting ready for a night out?

RENNT: Lil’ Kim.

MACIAS: Who was the last person you drunk texted?

RENNT: Probably strangers on Grindr.

MACIAS: Which is more embarrassing, being overdressed or underdressed?

RENNT: Definitely being underdressed.

MACIAS: What do you order at a bar when you want to impress a date?

RENNT: A margarita or a Moscow mule.

MACIAS: Both great choices. 

Spyros Rennt