Peggy Gou Tells Us Why Women Love the Gays at Bottega Veneta S/S24

Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou at the Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2024 show.

SATURDAY SEP. 23, 2023 8:41 AM MILAN.

At the Bottega Veneta show over the weekend, a Matthieu Blazy masterclass in tailoring, craftsmanship, shape, and  texture, attendees were handed compasses to ready them for the journey ahead. Naturally, the girl we wanted to talk to afterwards was Peggy Gou, the jet-setting DJ and producer who was off to Rome for a gig as soon as our editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg could grill her about fashion week cravings and why women love the gays.


MEL OTTENBERG: Hey, what’s your name?

PEGGY GOU: I’m Peggy Gou.

OTTENBERG: What’s up, Peggy Gou. Where are we?

GOU: We’re in Milan for the Bottega Veneta show.

OTTENBERG: What are you wearing?

GOU: Bottega Veneta.

OTTENBERG: Cool. Show me. What’s this look giving, Peggy Gou?

GOU: It’s giving me confidence.

OTTENBERG: I like that. What did you overdo this week?

GOU: I overate carbs.

OTTENBERG: Sick. Me too. What kind of carbs?

GOU: Pasta.

OTTENBERG: Oh my god. I’m eating that tonight. What’s your Fashion Week theme song, Peggy?

GOU: Oh, my god. “Covergirl.”

Peggy Gou

OTTENBERG: Yes, baby. What percentage is your phone at right now?

GOU: I can see it’s about 30%.

OTTENBERG: 30%, okay. What are you craving, Peggy Gou?

GOU: Craving?


GOU: Food. Dessert

OTTENBERG: Peggy, where does it hurt?

GOU: Where does it what?

OTTENBERG: Where does it hurt?

GOU: Actually, my back is hurting right now.

OTTENBERG: Oh, I’m sorry. Peggy, what’s the dumbest question you were asked this week? Was it that one?

GOU: Yeah, that was the dumbest question just now. Where does it hurt?

Peggy Gou

OTTENBERG: What is your favorite body part? Ooh.

GOU: My lips. They’re real.

OTTENBERG: They’re real, people. Okay, why do women fall for gay guys?

GOU: It’s vice versa. Women love gays, gays love women. There’s no pushing, they don’t waste time, and they’re so honest. They’re the best.

OTTENBERG: You love us. What do you think I’m thinking right now, Peggy Gou?

GOU: Oh my god. I can’t tell.

OTTENBERG: I’m thinking you’re just fucking cool. What are you doing later?

GOU: I’m actually flying to Rome. I have another show tonight.

OTTENBERG: Oh, sick. Are you tired or wired?

GOU: Oh, I’m tired.

OTTENBERG: When is it all going to end, Peggy Gou?

GOU: I don’t know. Does it have to end? Does it need to end?

OTTENBERG: It doesn’t need to end, babe.

Peggy Gou