Lila Moss Loves Matcha, Movies, and Devon Lee Carlson

Lila Moss

Lila Moss wears Top, Skirt, Headband (worn as scarf), and Belt Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

It’s fun being pretty. From her hotel room in Paris, the 21-year-old supermodel-in-the-making Lila Moss calls up her bestie Devon Lee Carlson to talk fashion week, vintage finds, and her favorite matcha lattes.





MOSS: Yay. I’m so happy that you’re doing this. 

CARLSON: Anything for you, my darling. I miss you. 

MOSS: I know. I wish you were in Paris. 

CARLSON: I know. I’ve been in bed. I’m so sick. I don’t know what happened in Milan. 

MOSS: Probably too much flying. 

CARLSON: I know. I’m having so much FOMO. I’m just trying not to look at my phone. 

MOSS: It’s raining here, so don’t think about it. 

CARLSON: That’s making me feel better. Are you loving it? 

MOSS: I have a love-hate relationship with Paris, actually. 


MOSS: It depends what I’m doing here, who I’m with. If you’re alone, it can get a bit gray. Sometimes I’m with my mom, sometimes my boyfriend comes. 

CARLSON: If you have a good person traveling with you, you can go anywhere. 

MOSS: Exactly. 

CARLSON: What did you have to eat today so far? 

MOSS: I had a croissant on the train. And then— 

CARLSON: You took the train there? 

MOSS: Yeah. I love the train. It’s so easy. I was reading my book and I felt like I was in Harry Potter

CARLSON: [Laughs] That’s so main character to go on the train. 

MOSS: I loved it. And then I had a matcha and some matcha madeleines. There was a really cute matcha shop, right opposite my fitting. 

CARLSON: Oh my gosh! Yum! How has your fashion month been thus far? 

MOSS: Really inspiring. I’ve been watching all the shows. Burberry was amazing for the English country girl in me. Now all I’ve been listening to is Amy Winehouse

Lila Moss

Jumpsuit, Belt, and Shoes Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

CARLSON: So good! Do you remember the first time we met? 

MOSS: I do. It was after a Saint Laurent show. [Laughs] 

CARLSON: Through Iris [Law]

MOSS: I’d had a few shots at that point—you were mid-shot and you handed it to me and said, “Cheers.” 

CARLSON: That’s exactly what happened. 

MOSS: It was like, “girl squad.” We were dancing and then I was like, “I love you. I’m obsessed,” and you were like, “Thank you.” And I was like, anxiety the next day through the roof.

CARLSON: You were the most perfect. 

MOSS: We always have fun after that show. [Laughs] 

CARLSON: I know. I get so protective over you. 

MOSS: You’re like, “Did you get home okay? Are you alive?” 

CARLSON: It’s so much fun. I love you. So who are some of your favorite photographers? That last shoot you did was so amazing. 

MOSS: The black hair with Theo [Liu]? 


MOSS: He’s so cool. 

CARLSON: Who else do you like? 

MOSS: Tim Walker. I studied him in school. He has the most incredible vision. He’s so kind and gentle too, so I’m very grateful that I got to work with him. 

CARLSON: It’s almost like you manifested it by studying him. 

MOSS: I know. I was like, “I know everything about you.” [Laughs] I was so shy and almost starstruck because I knew he was this legend. I also studied Diane Arbus. I love her work. And then Nan Goldin, William Eggleston—there’s so many I could name. 

CARLSON: If you weren’t a model, what job would you have? 

MOSS: I used to really want to be a primary school teacher. I feel like being around children makes you more fun and silly. 

CARLSON: Hold on, the dogs are going insane. I think a delivery is happening. 

MOSS: Doggy! It’s okay. My dogs are crazy. 

CARLSON: Hey. Shh. Don’t bark. Hey. Get it together, my loves. 

MOSS: She’s a mother. 

CARLSON: Mother of two. What’s your favorite concert that you’ve ever been to? Or a special moment at a concert? 

MOSS: Elton John at Glastonbury. 

CARLSON: Oh my god. 

MOSS: Yeah, that was tears. 

CARLSON: Do you have a celebrity crush? 

MOSS: I had one when I was younger, Zac Efron in High School Musical. But now, I just don’t—Billie Eilish, maybe. 

CARLSON: Perfect. I was talking to someone recently and they were saying their celebrity crush growing up was Phineas and Ferb, the cartoon characters. 

MOSS: It’s so funny when you compare people’s childhood crush to who they go out with now. I’m like, “You have a type.” 


Lila Moss

Jumpsuit and Gloves Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.


CARLSON: I know. Phineas and Ferb is real. Do you have a go-to matcha place in London?

MOSS: There’s a place called Jenki that’s amazing. There’s one in Selfridges. 

CARLSON: What’s your matcha order? 

MOSS: Iced with almond milk and no sweetener. 

CARLSON: My kind of girl. 

MOSS: Yeah. I’m not a caramel, vanilla type. 

CARLSON: Me neither. My sister loves that stuff. I always make fun of her. I’m like, “The Funfetti cold foam?” That’s her world. [Laughs] What do you do to relax?

MOSS: I like to have a bath if I can. Light a candle, read a book, face mask, chill music.

CARLSON: What’s your favorite movie? 

MOSS: The Devil Wears Prada

CARLSON: Of course. 

MOSS: It’s so funny because I’ve known every word since I was probably 5 years old. That or Grease. Your favorite film can change, but nothing compares to the feeling of watching a film that you’ve watched since childhood. That’s comfort. 

CARLSON: Do you watch movies on planes? 

MOSS: Yeah. I watched Parasite on the plane because— 

CARLSON: Isn’t that scary? 

MOSS: Watching scary films on the plane is the best. Nothing can get to you on a plane. There’s no ghosts. 

CARLSON: Wow. That’s actually a really good tip. Where do you see yourself at 30? 

MOSS: Maybe with children. 

CARLSON: Have you thought about how many kids you want? 

MOSS: I just had a vision of two. Three seems like a lot. 

CARLSON: Yeah. I always think about a car. If you want to have your family all together and you don’t want a sprinter— 

MOSS: Oh my god. I did that on a holiday once. We rented a car and there were eight girls and I drove. I envisioned myself at 30 driving this crazy mom-car and it looked silly. So three, max.

CARLSON: I think that’s the perfect answer. Have you ever been in love? 

MOSS: Yes. 

CARLSON: Love is the best. 

MOSS: It is. 

CARLSON: What are you reading right now? 

MOSS: I’m reading A Little Life. It’s super intense. I can’t put it down, but I also don’t want it to end, so I have to make myself read it in increments. It’s an emotional roller-coaster. 

CARLSON: I hear everyone talk about it. They’re like, “You have to take breaks. It’s a lot to read.” 

MOSS: I told my mom about the plot and she started crying. She was like, “Why are you reading that?” And I was like, “You have to be happy to read it.” 

CARLSON: Maybe it offers an outlook on your current life? 

MOSS: Yeah. I really like the way she [Hanya Yanagihara] writes. I’m happy that I read the book before I heard about the play. 

CARLSON: Oh my gosh, you have to go see it now. Would you ever act? 

MOSS: I haven’t thought about it much. I think I’d need to understand more about the art of acting before I go into it. But I love movies. 

CARLSON: Me too. So who’s your fashion icon? 

MOSS: Well, you are one of them. 

CARLSON: Oh Lila, stop. 

MOSS: Obviously. And then Chloë Sevigny has been all over my Pinterest board recently. Love her style. From 20 to now. She’s so cool. 

CARLSON: Everything from the ’90s until now, it feels very authentic. I feel like you also have a very authentic style. 

MOSS: So do you. You can get away with anything. 

CARLSON: Stop! You make everything look so expensive and so effortless. It feels like there’s a lot of thought going into what you chose, but at the same time, it’s not like you’re trying. 

MOSS: That’s such a good compliment. Thank you. 

CARLSON: I love you. Have you always loved fashion? Did you play dress-up when you were little? 

MOSS: Yes. I was always dressing up in my mom’s closet. I also looked up to my mom in the sense that I’d want her black vests from Saint Laurent, or I’d wear black leggings and all black and gray. I was so particular from day one. We were actually talking yesterday, me and my mom, about how all the arguments we had when I was younger were about clothes and me not wanting to wear white socks. 

CARLSON: You pay attention to the details. 

Lila Moss

Dress and Voltaire Bag Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

MOSS: And then me and Iris would make magazines together. I was always into it. 


MOSS: We’d dress up, do a photo shoot, put it together in a Word document, and print it. Actually, we made it to give to my mom for her birthday. So there’s a copy somewhere.

CARLSON: That needs to be in a museum. 

MOSS: It was so much fun. 

CARLSON: What is your vibe for spring, clothing-wise? 

MOSS: I’m excited to wear capris and get my ballet flats back out because I haven’t been wearing them with socks. See, this is my other particular thing: I like it when you can see a bit of toe cleavage. 

CARLSON: I love that. Are there certain brands of ballet flats where it’s too much or too little?

MOSS: Yeah. Miu Miu and Repetto, really good toe cleavage. Chanel it depends. And then I quite like micro shorts. I’m into black for spring. 

CARLSON: I love that. 

MOSS: I also like a dark green, a pale yellow, a dark red. 

CARLSON: Oh my gosh. You and pale yellow is so How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

MOSS: I know. So funny. 

CARLSON: It’s so perfect. Where do you get inspiration for your outfits? 

MOSS: I’m on Pinterest all the time and I love it. 

CARLSON: Do you dress differently in each city that you’re in? 

MOSS: A hundred percent. I love a tight with a short in Paris, and I gravitate towards black. I don’t feel comfortable in anything else. 

CARLSON: Something about wearing all black in Paris. It just feels right. And you can just play with the silhouette. What music have you been listening to lately? 

MOSS: Good question. I’m trying to think of my playlist. I’ve got “Dancing Barefoot” by Patti Smith, “Femme Fatale” by the Velvet Underground. I made a playlist called “Girl.” It’s very girly. I feel like everyone’s talking about girlhood. I wanted to get into that. 

CARLSON: You have to send it to me. Do you have an upbeat playlist for when you’re getting ready to go out? Do you pump yourself up? 

MOSS: If I’m getting ready, I’ll play the song that’s been in my head all day. But all of my playlists are pretty chill, like George Harrison, Lana [Del Rey]. I feel like you have a really good going-out playlist. 

CARLSON: Honestly, I get anxiety now when I’m going out with my friends in an Uber because I’m like, I only listen to chill music now. 

MOSS: I can’t be on the aux. 

CARLSON: Same. I’m playing the same song over and over again. I’m like, guys, we’re listening to Drake from a couple years ago. Okay, where are your favorite cities to shop for vintage?

MOSS: Paris has great vintage. New York. London does, but recently I’ve been in a rut with it.

CARLSON: Do you have a favorite vintage piece? 

MOSS: I got an amazing Galliano leather trench in Paris at this place called Bobby. Every time I wear it, my mom’s like, “Where did you get that?” And I’m like, “I told you.” 

CARLSON: Wow. That’s such a good piece to have forever. I remember that Paco [Rabanne] dress that you showed me last time you were in L.A. 

MOSS: I rented it. I got it to wear after the party at my dad’s wedding. That one I found in London. But again, designer vintage. That’s an investment piece. 

CARLSON: Totally. Do you have time to shop this trip? 

MOSS: I always have time in Paris. 

CARLSON: I’m jealous. You’re going to have so much fun. Well, thank you for talking today. This is the first interview I’ve ever done. It felt like we were just hanging out. 

MOSS: It was so good. Thank you. 

CARLSON: I love you so much. I can’t wait to see this editorial. 

MOSS: You’re going to like the pictures. They’re really cool. 


MOSS: Yay. 

CARLSON: Well, I love you. Have the best time in Paris ever. 

MOSS: See you soon. Feel better.

Dress, Tights, and Shoes Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.


Hair: Akki Shirakawa at Art Partner.

Makeup: Dick Page at Bryant Artists using YSL Beauty Lash Clash Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara, Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick #4 Nude Pleasure, and Touche Éclat All-Over Brightening Pen #3 Luminous Peach.

Nails: Natalie Pavloski at Bridge Artists.

Set Design: Elaine Winter at See Management.

Tailor: Maria del Greco.

Digital Technician: Ryan Jones.

Photography Assistants: Pierre Crosby and Clay Campbell.

Fashion Assistant: Chloe Shaar.

Hair Assistant: Anastasiia Milyaeva.

Production Assistant: Jordan Santisteban.