Looks for Days With Iris Law

Dress by Celine by Hedi Slimane. Hat by Dr. Creatures. Tights Stylist’s own.

With her acting debut in Danny Boyle’s punk rock miniseries Pistol, the model and Central Saint Martins student Iris Law joins the family business. Here, she answers a few questions about her hustle, and tells us what she’s made of.


INTERVIEW: Where do you work?

IRIS LAW: Wherever work takes me. 

INTERVIEW: Who do you work with?

LAW: People who inspire me. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your morning routine? 

LAW: Lots of water, exercise, music, and candles. 

INTERVIEW: What gives you the most energy? 

LAW: Music, family, friends, matcha. 

INTERVIEW: What are you made of? 

LAW: Sugar and spice and all things nice. 

Dress by Loewe.

INTERVIEW: What gives you stamina? 

LAW: Being passionate about what I’m doing. 

INTERVIEW: How many hours a day do you work? 

LAW: It varies but when I’m not on set I like to stay busy. 

INTERVIEW: What is the hardest you’ve worked? 

LAW: When I was juggling university, filming, and modeling. 

INTERVIEW: What makes work fun? 

LAW: Good Energy and people who care as much as I do about what we are doing. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your motivation? 

LAW: Building a future for myself and reaching my goals. 

INTERVIEW: What counts as hard work? 

LAW: Pushing yourself and challenging yourself. 

Jacket and Shoes by Dior. Shorts and Tights Stylist’s own. Earrings Iris’s own.

INTERVIEW: What holds you back? 

LAW: Self-doubt or having too many ideas at once. 

INTERVIEW: What got you in trouble at work?

LAW: Chatting too much. 

INTERVIEW: What do you do on your days off? 

LAW: Bake, read, and walk. 

INTERVIEW: What gets you up? 

LAW: My family and my work. 

INTERVIEW: What keeps you going? 

LAW: Planning things to look forward to. 

INTERVIEW: What makes you tired? 

LAW: English weather. 

INTERVIEW: What keeps you awake

LAW: Currently, not having curtains. 

Coat, Bra, and Earrings by Gucci. Necklace by Clash de Cartier.

INTERVIEW: How do you unplug?

LAW: I leave the country. 

INTERVIEW: When do you crash? 

LAW: Christmas. 

INTERVIEW: Where do you want to retire? 

LAW: One hundred percent the countryside in Japan. 

INTERVIEW: Has the work always paid off? 

LAW: Always. 

INTERVIEW: What gets you down? 

LAW: Being too self-critical 

INTERVIEW: Who do you want to be? 

LAW: Hardworking, creative, meaningful and an attentive friends. 

INTERVIEW: What do you want to create? 

LAW: A healthy and happy world for the next generation. 

INTERVIEW: What’s worth fighting for? 

LAW: Your goals. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your reality?

LAW: Full of love and daily rituals. 

Iris law

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Hair: Alex Brownsell using Bleach London at Streeters

Makeup: Anne Sophie Costa using Mac Cosmetics at Streeters

Production: Janurary Productions

Manicure: Simone Cummings using Essie at CLM

Photography Assistants: Ben Breading, Andy Broadhurt and Dan Douglass

Fashion Assistant: Naomi Phillips and Ryan Wohlgemut

Hair Assistant: Linnéa Nordburg

Makeup Assistant: Ami Tamiya