The Man’s White Shoe: Light on Your Feet


The shoes featured here are Spring/Summer 2010, but they’d easily fit right in the snow (or get lost in it). And there are many different types of snow: pure snow and slush, that packing snow that’s fun to play with and the icy mixed snow that will cut your face. Such is the variety of this season’s snow-inspired shoes. Laced up the ankle, Dior Homme’s cream-colored sneakers are like a pair of hockey skates without a blade. Viktor & Rolf’s zip-up high-tops come in a bone-hued neoprene—quite a bit tougher than your average leaky Nikes. They’re deceptively plain, and seductively smooth. On the fiercer side of the snowstorm is Christian Louboutin’s white sneaker with spikes, which comes at you like a sharp gust of wind in the face. Look forward to spring!