Lacoste’s Olympic Force


The inherently athletic label Lacoste will be dressing the French team for the 2016 Summer Olympics, and having also designed the outfits for the team in Sochi, Olympic references abounded in the brand’s Spring/Summer ’16 collection. While Lacoste traditionally leans toward primary colors in simple forms, this season placed a heavy emphasis on the national colors of both France and America—red, white, and blue—through asymmetric coats, dresses, jogging pants, and cropped windbreakers. Men and women models sauntered under columns constructed of crisscrossed white buckles, which mirrored some of the most eye-catching looks: buckles draped over models’ shoulders and around waists to secure what looked like superhero capes, evoking the idea of Olympians wrapping their country’s flags around their bodies. Despite the Olympic excitement, Lacoste also returned to its roots and signature look with the polo, which was seen in its classic athletic incarnation, as well as in a dress and romper variation.