More Than an Ad: Kris Van Assche Gets Alternative


A rather mysterious missive from Dior this morning promises a welcome surprise: a week from today, Dior Homme is set to unveil a new kind of advertising experience. Dior describes it as “a project specifically conceived by Kris Van Assche for the young people following the latest trends, navigating from the printed word to websites and blogs.” Van Assche has been Dior Homme’s artistic director since 2007.

Of what does this “alternative communication endeavor” (their words) consist? It’s a video and eight photos shot by Willy Vanderperre, in which model Victor Nylander, looking fatigued but contemplative, wears items from the Spring 2011 collection. The lighting and focus of the shots seems designed to capture the understated elegance of the looks, rather than to highlight each detail of their craftsmanship—it’s Dior, after all, so the perfect construction is implied. You can see the video below.