John Galliano nominates the class of 2008 from the Savannah College of Art and Design

“There are so many new stars, so much energy and emerging talent—fashion evolves, adapts, and saturates our society in so many ways. Some have already started their journey; others are just about to. There are many possible names to choose from, so many to nominate, and many that magazines already know more about than I do! Some are still finding their feet, some are still sewing the seeds and laying their roots and need time to do this, while others have only just come to bloom. What still really excites me above all choices are the graduates. This is the very start—the raw, undiluted fashion moments of creativity and emerging talent. It doesn’t get better than this moment. This year I was honored by SCAD—the Savannah College of Art and Design [in Georgia]. Watch out for some of these names. There are new-generation Gallianos, and there are names in their own right—names that will filter onto the international runways and change the way we dress tomorrow. I love the energy, the fearlessness, the courageous quest for discovery. A graduate collection is your statement of intent, your bid for freedom as much as for work. You always remember your first time—and my graduation from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design [in London], my first collection, feels like yesterday. There is no buzz like it. Look outside the box. Don’t just look to the fashion capitals for the next big thing—leave no stone unturned, and see what gems you can unearth here. I nominate the 2008 graduating class of SCAD. I defy you to find more variety, innovation, and imagination. Students are the future, where it all starts-so who better to nominate?” –John Galliano