INTER-Picks: Jazz Up Your Jazz Shoes



As a medium and a movement, jazz has always represented an intelligent kind of freedom. And from Miles Davis to Dizzy Gillespie, the uniform has been part of the appeal. This season, designers have been coming out with variations of the jazz shoe—the kind you wore in dance class as a child, but with an extra oomph, in the form of a color lift and embellishments. Christian Louboutin proffers the colorful option. The lace-up oxford called the Fred Flat in green mirror finish is a great boost to any black-and-grey winter wardrobe, while the material is light enough to keep you cool as the weather gets hot ($595). The patent Freddy Flat in beige and gold is easy to wear and the studs add a cutting edge ($995). For classic versatility to retire your worn out ballet flats, there’s the Repetto Zizi Femme black patent jazz shoe ($270, Bergdorf Goodman). Go lace-less at Nine West, where the Rinna slip-on can be dressed-up or down and the pewter metallic has a worn in aesthetic that will age well with wear ($130).