INTER-Picks: The Virgin Suicides




There’s a new Sofia Coppola film on the horizon, which means fans are gearing up by raiding the director’s celluloid archives. She’s given us a lot to work with, and not just the over-the-top Louboutin-studded panoramas of period drama Marie Antoinette, or Scarlett Johanssen’s sheer panties in the opener of Lost in Translation. We’re looking back to 1999’s The Virgin Suicides, and fashionable but ill-fated Lisbon sisters, for a few fashion tips. Throughout the film, first-to-go youngest sister Cecilia wears a tiered lace dress. You can go maxi but get a similar look by trying Diane Von Furstenberg’s Damas long dress. The look is more Grecian, less baby-doll.

Though it’s inappropariate perhaps for a minor, a more form-fitting version with criss0crossing bandage straps comes in the form of Emilio de la Morena‘s pleated silk mini dress. If you want something similar to the Lisbon girls’ light daytime looks, try Missoni’s Candia woven mini dress, which belts but also lightens the mood with a summery signature Technicolor knit. Paul & Joe Sister’s Helia silk dress has the same loose sleeves and fit as the Lisbon sisters’ homecoming dresses. You’ll be a “stone fox,” as the neighborhood boys would say.