INTER-Picks: The Deep V



This is something we never thought we’d recommend: a deep V. This lynchpin of the unkempt has long been the choice of chronic over-sharers, among them Brooklyn-based musicians and Colin Farrell. However, it’s really, really hot today in New York, and the emergence of the V marks a rare moment in fashion when a trend is comfortable. Alexander Wang and his new-ish T by Alexander Wang line have single-handedly worked out the proportions on athletic wear, and arrived at a generous neckline with subtle depth. Pair it with cardigans, skinny jeans, and trainers but not with blazers, or pointy shoes. Look like you’re not trying too hard because you’re actually not (whether those instructions defeat the purpose of this post, we can’t say). The wide-neck Ts by H&M ($4.95) and American Apparel ($34) are super affordable; make sure you get the cuts and linings that suit you. Meanwhile, the T by Alexander Wang ($74) line features ultra soft pima cotton Ts that are relatively heavy. The Rochambeau ($160) Ts, by contrast, are ethereal, and seem to reveal the most neckline possible without baring your belly button. Do basics the best.