INTER-Picks: Fedoras and Trilbys



Let’s face it: a hat is the best way for a guy to have a good hair day this season. For summer, baseball caps are too casual and beanie hats too functional. Natural, woven contemporary fedora and trilby hats– slimmer and sleeker than their vintage brothers–are sophisticated, yet casual enough warmer months. You’ll want to stick to a narrower brim–think Johnny Depp, not Frank Sinatra. Brixton ($44), Paul Smith ($95), and J.Crew ($40) have taken the classic fedora and improved upon it with different woven and thatched textures. Dark-colored hats in blacks, browns or grays can be used formally, while lighter straw hats look better during the day or at the beach. And, of course, throwing in a little color never hurts. A fedora or trilby shouldn’t be an impulse buy, as shape, size and fit are critical when it comes vintage-style hats. You don’t want to be caught looking like you’re wearing a sombrero this summer, especially if you don’t have the tequila shots to back it up.