How Matthew M. Williams Made Givenchy Heavy Metal

The day has finally arrived. Matthew M. Williams is giving the world a glimpes of his revamped Givenchy. The French house has released a teaser capsule of the designer’s debut collection, after announcing his appointment as Creative Director last June. Williams was unable to debut a runway collection for Givenchy during the Fall/Winter season, but despite this setback, the house released a sneak peek in September of what the co-founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM had in mind: his first advertising campaign, a new logo, hardware, and lock designs. Yesterday, Givenchy released a teaser capsule of the anticipated Spring/Sumer 2021 collection, which fans can purchase now. First shown in October, this drop features select ready to wear pieces, a new take on a classic handbag, and jewelry from the designer’s debut collection. Below, we break down the key components of the hardware-heavy and devilish world of Matthew M Williams’s Givenchy. 


 Links, Chains, and More Chains

Williams loves hardware. He’s adorned the new collection, from head to toe, with his now-signature hardware-as-accessories style. He will be releasing a series of printed t-shirts with 3D chain-embossed details at the neck and trompe l’oeil renders of locks and eyelets clenched over “Givenchy” lettering. Williams’s take on the Givenchy sweatshirt and t-shirt also include links and necklaces pierced into the garments. 


Antigona Remixed, Featuring Matthew M. Willams (and More Chains)

Givenchy’s classic handbag, the Antigona, receives the Williams treatment. The result is a new rendition of the timeless bag–upgraded with longer handles, a dual logo, two cross bodies, and a unisex interpretation: a mini with chain handles (shown below). Welcome to the future Anitgona.


(Re)Imagined Jeans. We Love Them.

Classic jeans are reimagined by Williams with tactile surprises. He introduces a new denim vocabulary to the brand with new takes on textures, shine, and feels. This drop is offering two takes on denim: a crackled denim and luster denim. Crackled denim is a painting technique applied to the final garment: the jeans are layered with multiple layers of paint and baked in between each layer to produce a crackled effect. The luster denim is created by applying a layer of polyurethane to the jeans then baked for a luster effect. In the world of Givenchy according to Williams, the workwear staple is chic, shiny, and luxe—it is Givenchy after all.