Manifesting Fast Cars and Warm Weather With Givenchy Plage

Givenchy Plage

MONDAY 3:30PM MAY 22, 2023 NYC

Our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli unpacks a few sizzling styles from the new ready-to-wear swim and beachwear Givenchy Plage collection, and asks Interview designer Jack Vhay what he thinks of the brand’s latest accessories. 


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Alright, I’m unpacking Givenchy Plage. What kind of car would you drive in those pink Giv Cuts?

JACK VHAY: Well, my immediate thought is a hot pink convertible Corvette Stingray. A new one. But that could be too obvious.

SCARABELLI: Too on-the-nose. [Laughs]

VHAY: But the Stingray has this crazy angularity like these glasses so it’s perfect.

SCARABELLI: Where are you driving to? I think it’s giving Miami. I’m putting on my Giv Cuts and driving the Stingray to the harbor to get on my yacht. Or maybe it’s one of those really skinny fast boats. 

VHAY: Oh, a cigarette boat?


VHAY: You’re in the passenger seat in the cigarette boat and your slutty tanned Miami husband is driving.

SCARABELLI: I also like the idea of wearing them with this raffia bag. You can make your boyfriend carry it for you. Like, “Sorry hon can you grab this? I’m wearing massive Marshmallow wedges and I’m trying to climb into this villain boat.”

VHAY: Totally.

Givenchy Plage

SCARABELLI: And then this basket bag, the Voyou. This is for a beach situation. Like, “I’m in the south of France with my girls and I have two bottles of rosé and a baguette and a little saucisson sec and I’m ready to seize the day.” You can fit a lot in there. 

VHAY: This is like if the girl—the woman, wanted to feel—

SCARABELLI: We never talk about women anymore. It’s always girls. 

VHAY: This bag is really cute. I like the concave bottom. It’s a more humble Givenchy moment. 

SCARABELLI: It’s humble but also not really. Look at this hardware honey. It’s still GI-VEN-CHY. 

VHAY: Whereas these glasses are totally his and hers. 

SCARABELLI: He’s got matte black Givenchy Giv Cut sunglasses and a matte black Stingray.

VHAY: And he’s coming to pick you up. 

SCARABELLI: I’m ready!

Givenchy Plage