First Dibs: Theyskens’ Theory, Pre-Fall Look 9


Theyskens’ Theory has its own potion number nine: the ninth look in this season’s pre-fall collection is the epitome of chic, an effortless black-on-black ensemble that infuses downtown saunter with uptown grace. The look, which features leather skinnies, combat boots, and a casual men’s-style sportcoat, could easily have devolved into pure grit and edge, but easy answers are not what Olivier Theyskens was after. Instead, hard-edged staples receive luxurious treatment and immaculate polish: a luxurious rouch on the skinny pant; the handsome, pared-down tailoring of the blazer. A mix of fabrics and finishes give the look dimension and depth, and the no-nonsense styling gives the ensemble breathing room. The result is an elegant, sophisticated, yet quietly daring approach to casual wear—an intriguing and inspiring tête-à-tête between the aristocratic and democratic influences of the Theyskens aesthetic.

This First Dibs item was selected by Interview market assistant Alexa Lanza.