First Dibs: Louis Vuitton Flask


An election race is heating up, and Herman Cain has nothing to do with it. The possibility of snagging the top spot at Christian Dior had the fittest of the young fashion fillies in a tizzy this past September—more than a couple of the collections were thinly veiled campaign speeches, and some contenders, like Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, knew how to project. With wunderkinds like Alexander Wang in the mix, Jacobs knew the competition was stiff. His response was loud and clear: Make it stiffer! 

This week’s item is Jacobs’ demurely deviant Louis Vuitton flask. The accessory sets a white alligator-skin base against a cool silver body, and is shamelessly be-logoed with the trademark LVs in warm beige. And utter shamelessness is exactly what makes this flask so festive. Winks like these kept the world of lace, whimsy, and carousels that Jacobs presented this fall in the Louvre’s Cour Carrée from cloying sentimentality. Case in point? The flask was debuted on the person of one Daphne Groenveld, age 16. Innocence this is not.


This First Dibs item was selected by Interview Market Assistant Alexa Lanza.