The Ferré Bag Whose Sun Never Sets


Every so often the new “It” item springs up seemingly from nowhere. Flashy or outsize by definition—that horrifying neutral pronoun,”it“—these bags are seasonal, and they fade with mucky Manhattan snow. This season Gianfranco Ferré releases the p24/7 handbag, a perennial version. Ferré’s new spring ads also feature a more perennial star, Hemingway granddaughter Dree, who’s got The Sun Also Rises in her looks and a slouchy handbag slung over her shoulder. Named after the access “Pin” to the new Gianco Ferre collection, p24/7 dictates how long you should carry the bag—i.e.: forever. And with a torchon handle that fits daintily on the wrist or slips comfortably over the shoulder, this bag might actually weather the push and pull of daily life. The bag’s simple squared shape and extra long zipper means you don’t have to be a literary supermodel to pull it off. As a bonus it fits more than just a credit card and tube of chapstick.