Fashion Week Questionnaire: United Bamboo

For New York Fashion Week, Interview asked our favorite designers to respond to a questionnaire. Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham are United Bamboo, the New York-based designers responsible for a type of nuanced downtown prep. Their latest runway show is happening now at the Altman Building. Before the photos of the show hit anywhere, we have the designers’ thoughts, and macrobiotic routines.


1. Who is this season’s woman? This season’s man? This season’s woman is a creative, elegant, confident woman. Someone like artist Rita Ackermann, who we collaborated with for a print. The collection overall is more polished than last season. This seasons man is a someone who appreciates the traditional but is not old-fashioned.

2. One person you know will be in the front row? James Iha

3. What’s your uniform during Fashion Week?
THUY PHAM:  I like to wear cardigans.
MIHO AOKI: A big warm Junya Watanabe coat.

4. What do you take as a cocktail?
TP:  Favorite cocktail is the Manhattan made with rye whiskey.
MA: I’ve been watching my diet and eating macrobiotic food,  so I will probably have macrobiotic sort of stuff.

5. Your worst habit during Fashion Week
TP: Smoking cigarettes.
MA: Missing yoga classes, because of the irregular schedule.

6. One show you are excited to see?
TP: I don’t really look at other designer’s shows. But if I had to choose then Marc Jacobs.
MA: Balenciaga, i’ve never seen big house show, and if its possible I would love to see Balenciaga!

7. How has New York fashion changed in the last year?
 It’s getting more creative and interesting.